Monday, February 06, 2006

Bryan Adams in Bangalore

Since I started listening to those pops and rocks, it was my secret ambition to attend one of those live concerts. I had to wait for long. I missed a chance when MLTR visited Bangalore recently. So this time, the plans were made well ahead and the enthusiasm of my friends helped a lot.

The Bryan Adams' Third Time Lucky concert at Palace Grounds was the first show of its kind I was attending. Watching him live, singing my favorite songs like "Summer of 69" and "Please Forgive me" with his magical guitar works was more than what I had asked for. The 15000 plus crowd, singing along with him with overwhelming excitement was an experience I'll never forget. His deep and touching voice made the show special and the scene of thousands swaying their hands in air with lit screen mobile phones, instead of candles, singing along Adams, was breath taking.

Many a times, Adams was swept over by seeing the crowd's response, and he said "You guys are just great. This is absolutely fantastic. I just don't know what to say!” More than two hours and 25 songs later, crowd was still hesitant to part with him and kept on asking for more, till he said a sudden good-bye and disappeared behind the stage.

Cameras were not allowed inside the venue. So we had to catch our excitement from the room, after the show (See the photo above). One of the photographers from "The Hindu" knew my feelings ;) and captured a photo of mine among the crowd, though my gloomy face (wondering how to get into the first row, for a better sight of the stage) is barely visible (first photo, left most, second row).