Monday, November 05, 2007

Back in Bangalore

I am back in Bangalore again. The trip back from US to my home town was safe and on time (even though it was by Air India ;)). I spent three weeks at home taking rest and filling in for the missed time with family. My mother and grand mother were the happiest as I had nothing else to do other than sitting at home relaxing and doing house hold works. My younger brothers were the ones who did all these jobs but now that they are also out of home for studies, I had to follow up such things. I was busy all these days with tasks like cleaning the water tank, doing the grocery shopping, getting kerosene from ration shop (Yeah… they, both kerosene and ration shop, still exists; and people are still using kerosene for cooking stoves when LPG supply is limited), waiting at the long queues to pay electricity bills and so on.

Nothing much has changed at least in the villages in Kerala other than the impact of Harthals. There were many Harthals in the recent days and surprisingly people are cooperating with it no matter which party called for it and for what cause. Looks like all are enjoying the total stoppage of life by taking rest at home doing nothing. Soon there will be Harthal special TV shows and movies!

Bangalore is still the same with pollution and traffic chaos. The short walk from the room to office across the street is enough to start hating Bangalore. Let us see what is waiting for me here.