Sunday, June 01, 2008

The voyage of a 106 Wheeler

I saw all the kids in my village along the roadside today twittering and running around, and waiting for something to come. I thought there is a procession approaching, but I was wrong.

It was the 106 wheeler truck and trailer carrying a huge transformer from Bharat Heavy Electricals Limited's factory in Gujarat to an electrical substation in our district Malappuram. The voyage which started two months back carrying a real heavy and tall transformer along the narrow roads was a sight worth watching.

The Volvo truck had 10 wheels and the trailer had 96 wheels. There was another truck carrying a full load of tires accompanying this party. There were many workers carrying long sticks and tools to lift the electric cables up, and to let the vehicle pass. Some tree branches needed a trimming too. It was not just kids, but even the passing travelers stopped by, at its sight.

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