Monday, January 07, 2008

In Kochi Again

I guess, going back to your home town or home state is a desire most people will have after working outside for a longer period. And I had many more reasons to go back to Kerala. So, I had to quit MindTree, which doesn't have an office in Kerala, last month to make my home coming happen.

I joined IdenitityMine ( at Kochi last week as a Tech Lead. IdentityMine (IM) is a small software development company based in US and having offices in Tacoma, WA and Kochi, Kerala. IM works directly with Microsoft on the new technologies that are yet to be released or getting released, developing applications that showcase the features of these technologies. As of now IM has around 25 employees at US office and 18 employees (I am the 18th!) at Kochi office.

I liked the office and setup here, though it is very small in size. Office is located on NH47 bypass between Palarivattom and Vyttila, near Popular Hyundai showroom. I took an apartment for rent near Vyttila which is around 2kms from my office. Apartment rents are rising here, but still I got a new three bedroom flat for Rs.5,500 rent per month.

As of now I am undergoing training on these latest technologies from Microsoft (WPF, Silverlight, etc.) and hopes to start working on the projects after a month or so.

Being back in Kochi after two and half years is surely a pleasing experience. I will start posting about more news from my life in Kochi soon.