Saturday, June 21, 2008

I caught the 'i'!

Today, I bought my first new car, Hyundai i10 from KTC, Malappuram.

Here are some photos of it taken by me and Anees. The locations are Vypin, GoSree Bridge, and my Apartment in Kochi.

In most of the reviews, awards, and user discussion forums, Hyundai i10 stood first leaving other small cars (Chevrolet Spark, Hyundai Santro, Maruti Zen Estilo, Maruti Wagon R, Fiat Palio Stile 1.1, and Tata Indica Xeta 1,2) far behind. That's why I went for i10. It's contemporary looks and well built interiors are a major attraction. It is fuel efficient enough and is backed by Hyundai's fantastic after sales support and service.

The only problem for i10 was its heavy price tag (5.5+ Lakhs) for the top end model 'Magna' that has ABS, Air Bags and Sun Roof. I went for the medium model 'Era' without these features, but with Power Steering, Central Locking, A/C, Front Power Windows, etc. It cost me only 3.95 Lakhs on the road, as I availed 10K Exchange Bonus and 2K Corporate Bonus.

Unlike other cars, the Gearshift of i10 is sprouting out from dashboard center column. This gives ample space between the seats and is best for even bigger water bottles. But the hand require some stretching up to reach this new position of Gearshift, where as in the other cars, the hand can just lay rest on the Gearshift. This was a bit inconvenient during my first long drive and I am yet to see how it affects in long run.

The dashboard of i10 is in beige color as is the interior and seat covers. It works well with the 'Champagne Gold' color I chose, and provides a classy look. (I took a bowl of dust and applied on all color variants at showroom to see where it is less visible... :) Of course, I am kidding!) But there is a catch. The beige dashboard reflects on the windshield whenever there is direct light falling on it, be it sun on top of the head, or a bigger street light at night. It indeed disrupts the visibility a bit. But trust me; I am not going to paint it black... :)


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  2. was wondering how this car survived on indian market!!

    found the answer :)

    smart selling, hyundai :)

  3. If only the top HR, higher managements and parents of girls begin to include "whcih car you own/like ?" in their Scrutiny !!!

  4. Hats off to the guy who sold this car to u!! i would like to learn a lot from him!! like atul said smart selling hyundai!!!

  5. Forward the message to Hyndai company, you will b invited to frame the brochure for their next car.

  6. never mind ct..

    these varis are reacting asif a bad car is the end of life!
    you still have a chance :)

  7. Just wanted to let you all know that I am here... listening to your comments... :)

  8. Wondering whether he got more options................... but just to be here............Listening silently........ what will he speak.......... AS HYUNDAI PHASED OUT THE ENGINE OF THIS CAR...
    Whatever Blah Blah Blah Hyundai is saying...... I have only one small question..? When do you change something??????? WHEN THE EXISTING ONE IS NOT UPTO THE STDS.......Will CT get a change of Engine????? LOL


    correct link

  10. I agree that there is a new engine and it offers more power. It costs more also. I had the option of buying Swift with more power but again with more cost.

    As is clear, if you need more power, or more space, you need to spend more!

    My budget (on the road) was 4 lacs and I got my i10 within that budget. Can you suggest any better car within that budget?

    I didn't want my car to be too big (like Swift or Aveo U-VA), as it adds more tension to your daily life while driving here in Kochi. I can take U-turn with my i10 on MG Road without using reverse gear! I can park my i10 in my apartment's narrow parking lot even if the adjacent lots have bikes parked on the boundary lines!

    I also wanted a car with good mileage. I can go to my home town Manjeri from Kochi (176 kms) with just Rupees 500's petrol.

    Tell me why I should not be happy?



    1. International car made in India. Meets international safety and quality standards and will be sold globally.
    2. Fantastic interiors which is comparable to large and expensive cars.
    3. Gearshift on dash which is a category first. It is smooth too. Tilt adjustable steering.
    4. Good quality and build. Best in segment. (Especially the doors give a thud sound when shut unlike clanky noise by few other cars)
    5. Supposed city mileage of around 13-15 Km/L. (On highway, close to 20 Km)
    6. It’s not a Santro upgrade, this is a fresh design, though reminiscent of the Santro.
    7. Delightful to ride in the city. Best in class.
    8. Good stability on highway. Good road grip.
    9. AC is good.
    10. Hyundai’s after sales service.
    11. Decent rear seat space. Feels comfortable.
    12. Tubeless 80 profile tyres.
    13. The space between driver and front passenger has a good utility area.
    14. High end safety features like dual airbags, ABS and frills like sun roof in Magna O variant (expensive though).


    1. Early days to judge.
    2. A new version, but performance is same as Santro (say experts).
    3. Versions D’lite and Era don’t come with rear seat adjustable head rest.
    4. Integrated head rest for the front seats will take time to adjust to.
    5. Rear passengers will find the front seat protrusion an obstacle when stretching legs.
    6. The boot looks deep. Will have difficulty in handling luggage.
    7. Priced around 30-40 K more.