Monday, April 30, 2007

Rodeo at Fort Worth

There were few more things to see at Fort Worth. So we dedicated one more weekend to visit the remaining attractions there.
We started with the down town and spent time till after noon roaming around the spacious and beautiful lanes and visiting some museums. Also, we enjoyed a nice lunch from there.

When we reached the Log Cabin Village which was bit far from city, where an old time village is preserved as it is, it was already closed. We saw it from outside and then returned to the Stockyards area by evening.
We spent some time watching the longhorns in the yards and then proceeded to see the rodeo show for the first time. Rodeo is a popular cowboy sport where they show off their skill at riding, roping and rounding up cattle. It was staged in the historic cowtown coliseum and the events included bull riding (where the bull will try to throw off the rider), horse riding (same on horseback), team roping (cowboys on horse back will catch a running bull with ropes), calf roping (same done on a calf) and women's barrel racing where horseback cowgirls will ride the horse around barrels without letting them fall. All the events were real timed competitions where different teams participated.
There were some fun items too like asking a gang of kids to get hold of a ribbon tied to the tale of a running calf. The scene of calf running away at seeing a whole bunch of kids chasing it down was funny but at the same time cruel.

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