Sunday, September 16, 2007

Bronze Animals in Dallas

Now that we have decided to go back to India from US for good, it is time to focus on the sights in and around Dallas. Who knows if we will be able to come back to this place again or not. So spent a weekend day to shoot, well, the famous bronze animals in Dallas.

The first group known as 'Mustangs of Las Colinas' is located inside the Williams Square in Las Colinas area. There were nine larger-than-life bronze mustangs galloping across a granite stream.

Created by African wildlife artist Robert Glen, the Mustangs are the largest equestrian sculpture in the world. Water was pumped up from the stream at their feet giving a beautiful view of splashing water while mustangs gallop across it.

The next set was at the Pioneer Park in Down town. A herd of cattles (I could not count all of them; there were many) driven by few cow boys who are on horseback.

The longhorns were coming down the hill and was heading to an open space crossing a stream.

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