Thursday, July 26, 2007

First Vacation From US

A trip to the home country is always much awaited and thrilling. But our first vacation to India from US happened so quickly when my brother’s wedding date got finalized. We got few weeks and spent almost every day for shopping. A camcorder was also bought in a hurry to capture some scenes from here for the loved ones at home. Guess how we spent the last days before travel…. Shooting the neighborhood and acting in the home video!

The season was busy with air travelers and I had to pay dearly for the last minute tickets. Started from Dallas on Monday (9-Jul-2007) after noon and reached Kochi through Frankfurt and Bahrain on Wednesday (11-Jul-2007) early morning. Another four hour drive from there to reach home at Manjeri was really tiring after this entire air trip.

Kerala (and also other parts of India) was hit by a rare form of viral fever known as Chikungunya causing many people to die. Besides there was the worst monsoon ever had, flooding most of the areas and affecting power distribution and transportation. Thankfully none we know were affected by this rare fever though many were sick with other kinds of fever common in monsoon. All this with the limited days for planning a not so small wedding event, made our vacation really hectic. But still, it was fun to gather will all family members again. I didn’t even notify many of my friends about my vacation as I knew there won’t be enough quality time to catch up with everyone.

Finally, the wedding event happened on 21-Jul-2007 without much hassles and the day was full of sunshine. Next day, we started our return trip completing our 15 day vacation out of which 5 days were spent for travel.

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