Monday, July 21, 2008

Madinah Experiences

Madinah is the second holy city in Saudi Arabia after Makkah and is 420 kilometers away from Makkah. We went to Madinah in a government operated bus (SAPTCO) and spent couple of days there staying in a hotel room. The temperaturte here was more scorching than in Makkah and we ended up spending more time in room than outside.

We visited all the important places here like Al-Masjid al-Nabawi, Shuhada of Uhud where the martyrs of Uhud Battle are buried, and few other historical sites and mosques.

Like most other cities in Saudi, Madinah also have lots of Keralites and some streets were having shop sign boards in Malayalam as well besides Arabic and English.


  1. Nice pics that car Mazda Familia or Protegè?

  2. Hi Sameer,
    I don't have enough time to read the entire blog.. But I have read the bits and pices of your blog...

    Thanks a lot for the pics and breif desc. Hope everything went well...


  3. you proved it...snaps are good ..the spirit is better
    see you to this part of the world


  4. Excellent Sameer. I read quite a lot of your tour reports when you were at Brusssels (SIAT). This is really interesting, Let me not miss further..

    Take Care

  5. Dear Sameer Aslm Alkm,
    Its me shabab (Muttippalam.) from Dubai. It may be surprising to know that I came across your blog while searching in Google with our village name 'Muttippalam'. I have never seen such an elaborated and eventful blog which you made with a high spirit of sharing. Congratulations!
    Keep writing.