Thursday, May 26, 2005

Cochin : Traffic Police In The City

It was a sunday... I was in a hurry to drop my family members at North Railway Station as we were already late for the train... some how we made it just in time... and was coming back from station towards the North over bridge... I saw few motor bikes and auto rikshaws taking the right turn to get on to the over bridge easily to go towards Trichur side... I also followed them in my car... suddenly the cop appeared and asked me to stop... while I was wondering what went wrong, he made it clear... "it's a no-entry road for vehicles other than two and three wheelers"... ooops! I said I didn't know that... he said there is a big board saying that... oops again! what to do... i wanted to get back to the room as soon as possible... and the police man started getting all my information like name and address... finally he asked the liscence and made sure everything i said was correct... I was still looking for a way to escape and the police man seems to be looking for an alternate way to settle this situation.. he told me i will have to appear before the circle inspector of police in Kochi and will have to pay a heavy fine.. and any absence on the said date will result in serious consequences and all....I said I am moving out of this city soon and it will be difficult for me to appear for the case here... then he had this naughty look on his face... I knew what he meant and took my wallet out from pocket... he said... "but you can't do that from here... its a crowded place and people are watching... these days its a big issue..." huh... what to do... i looked at him helplessly... again he said "don't worry.. you park the car first here.... i will be standing there... and give me the cash". he went away from the car and started controlling the traffic over there.... keeping an eye on me... I parked car there and alas.... there was no cash in my wallet... all i had was credit cards.... after a hectic search in all small pockets of wallet, i got a 100 Rs note and went to the police man with that... when i was about to give him that he got tensed and said "hey... what are you doing... don't give it to me now.. people will be watching.. u stand on that side.. and i will come over there..." i waited on the road side with 100 Rs note folded in my hand.... after a while, he came towards me... and I gave it to him... "No no.... not like this... i will keep my hands behind... and you give it to me.. without letting others notice this..." huh.... it's not easy... I waited there watching others around there... all were busy with their own things and nobody was watching us... cool... then this police man kept is hands behind.... and I carefully approached him again.. as if am just passing by and tried to put the note in his hand... "No no wait... let that bus go.... people from that will be watching..." huh... I didn't know that a bus has just stopped near by us, as I was in a hurry to end this deal and go.... finally.. the bus went off.... and there was this police man... fully ready with his arms behind.. but fingers open and a tensed look at his face... everything went smooth then... i kept the note in this hand and he asked me to be carefull while taking my car... as that junction was heavy with traffic.. I ran towards my car with a relaxed smile... but the car again got stuck in the mid road, as I was in a hurry to leave the place.... this police man came into help.. he stopped all other vehicles and let me go smoothely....

Well... I was feeling a bit of guilty after this incident... I shouldn't have done this... a responsible citizen should never bribe a police officer... the situation forced me to do this... but that's no excuse....

After few days... I was driving near by marine drive with my friends... wanted to pick one specs from a shop... when we were near the shop, the car parked in front of that, just moved out.. and we said.. we are lucky to get parking space just in time... but i was bit worried... so I asked my friends to make sure that this is not a 'No Parking' area... they looked all around and give me the signal to park there.... after few minutes, we got back in to the car after getting the specs from the shop and as soon as we took the car out from there, two police men asked us to stop... hu hooo.... I parked the car aside and approached them with all papers in hand... and politely asked..."Did I do something wrong, sir?".... "Yes... it's a no parking zone!"... "But I have'nt seen any signs... more over, I was parking away from road.. near the shop and spent just few minutes to get one thing from the shop....". The officer showed me the 'No Parking' sign board... well away from the place we parked... no one by any sense, will think that board will be applicable to this place... but I didn't go for an argument.... I said "I am sorry... I didn't notice that... I shouldn't have parked there... will never do that again... am so sorry.." Officer collected my details and startted writing the slip... while found time to update me how the city will get crucnched if they are not vigilant on traffic rule violators.... I agreed totally with him and appreciated their work to keep the city traffic moving without hassles... finally he said... "Since you didn't argue back to me.. and since you agreed to what I said.... am not charging you a big amount... only the minimum possible fine... Rs:100/-... otherwise I could have fined you upto 500!". Huh.... imagine the cost of an argument with police officers..... am lucky... I said thanks and paid the fine, got the receipt and left the place.. washing off my guilty feelings of last event..


  1. Hi Kunjan, (I would like call u like his)
    All your travelogues are very fine and well written, keep writing, some time I used to show this to my wife, she also had same openion. Wishing yu all the best

    Malpu (the better way u can understand)

  2. Eda Sameere..Ithu India aanu... pavapettavante India..Kashttapedunnaventeum..veshyakeludeum...pattini pavangaludeyum India...Allathey ninney poley ulla america karan marudeyum..muthalai vargangaludeyum...India alla... So just remember that!
    Any way its wonderful...