Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Honda Passport

The wait is finally over. No more browsing through EkNazar or CraigsList web sites looking for a used car. My new friend here Syam introduced me to one of his family friends who had a car to sell. It was an SUV. A really big Honda Passport. 2000 model. It was looking really good. Hundred thousand plus miles was already recorded, but everything looked still fine. I was bit doubtful about myself in handling a big car. But the thought that this car comes at a good price, and saves me from the trouble of searching and locating another one overtook my worries. More over, here in Texas, roads are wide and parking lots are spacious! An SUV is safer and surely a better option for long trips. Then the short test drive I did proved that, it was not that hard to drive an SUV as I had thought.

The deal was made. Brought the car to my apartment and parked nicely in the parking lot. As a first step took Liability Insurance from GEICO over phone and got the documents by email immediately. The next morning, I wanted to take a long drive. I just opened the front door to get in... Alas... The door was bit heavy and before I could hold it properly, it opened fully and bumped onto the next car parked alongside. Oops! Looked around. Nobody in the vicinity. Checked on the other car to see, if anything has really happened to it. There was some paint from my car's door. Tried to remove it with hand and then looked from an angle. There was a small dent.

Meanwhile I was been watched by the owner who was living upstairs. He came angrily and asked for compensation. I calmed him down saying that I am not going to run away. Then I asked how much I will have to pay for it. He went inside his home for getting a quote online and came back saying it will cost around $450!

"Oh my God! Did I just loose $450 because I didn't hold the door of my car when I opened it?"

"Yes.... it’s a new Mercedes Benz worth $40,000!"

It took a lot of time for me to get out of that shock. I was yet to come out of the loss of $375 for running the car onto curbs. Here is another one! As my friend Ranjish said, here in America, anything you touch will cost you money!

Finally GEICO came to my rescue and they paid for the damages. I was relaxed. But I will never park my car near such costly cars again! And I will never let the door slip out of my hands again!

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