Friday, December 01, 2006

Severe Weather Alert

This was another new experience. Everybody here talks a lot about weather. Even during the winter, Dallas does not expect much snow. But when it snows here, it is a big deal as the city does not have proper means to handle it. On 29th, November the discussion in the office was about this rare day that happens once or twice in an year in Dallas. I was told not to venture into office on next day without checking the roads first, as the snow turns to ice, or rather sleet here making the roads dangerous to drive.

When I came back to the apartment, there was a warning board at the front side saying "Freeze Alert!”. The notice stuck on my house door also warned about the severe weather and requested to take caution while walking and driving. It also asked to leave the water taps dripping to avoid freezing in the pipes.

All this kept me in anticipation. I was looking forward to see something big happen (so that I can brag about it and take photos! :)). But, to my disappointment, nothing much happened in the morning... so I had to go to work. After noon, things started changing and we could hear the strong windy noise even within the conference hall in the office. When I looked out, I could see snow falling. Well... it was not that beautiful snow that you see in movies. It was like a heavy rain... and then there was ice on the ground. Everyone started packing off from work and I also joined the group gladly to head to my apartment. Driving carefully, as there was ice already on the roads especially on the bridges, where it melted very slowly.
By evening, things were little more beautiful and there was some visible white snow around. I enjoyed a walk through the near by park, but there was nothing spectacular for my camera.


  1. nothing spectacular to laugh at either.... hehehe

  2. Glad that ATLEAST one guy reads all this..................... and what to say leaves a comment too!!!!
    Sameer is really lucky to have friend like atul!!!!
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    I dont know wat to say.........
    Vere oru paniyum illedey???

  3. Njangal thammil agreementilaadaaaa......... Dushtaaaaaaaaaaaa..........