Monday, February 19, 2007

Am I a Gadget Guy?

Yes… Now I think, I am a GG (Gadget Guy). When I first visited Fry’s Electronics here in Dallas, I was totally amazed to realize that this big super market is just for all these electronics gadgets. My amazement doubled when I saw people moving around pushing big shopping carts and picking these gadgets as if they are doing their weekly grocery shopping. Then at my office, I saw people scanning Friday news paper ads for deals in these gadgets. Now I am afraid I am becoming one among them… the very lot whom I was amazed at first.

I started buying these items as it turned out to be necessities (the usual excuse!). First I bought an 80 GB external USB hard drive which was so slim and cute and was costing only 100 dollars. Did you notice that ‘only’ word I used? That is the problem here when you see all these shopping deals. You feel like you are getting it for such a good price.

Next was an external key board and mouse which was essential for spending extended hours with a laptop.

Now I bought my dream laptop. An Intel Core 2 Duo with preloaded Windows Vista was available from Dell with a great deal of 1000 dollars. I have all the details about it at my technical blog CT Labs and the specifications are on my website The Cool Wayfarer.

Having another laptop demanded that I should have a wireless router to setup a wireless network at home. I can connect to the broad band internet from both laptops from anywhere in my apartment. So I bought a Netgear Router, again for a deal. It was only 20 dollars.

What is the great fun if you have a wonderful laptop and no microphone to speak with your friends over net? Moreover the speech recognition system in Vista is surely worth a try as I am looking forward to having all these blogs done just by dictating it to my laptop. The Gigaware headset with noise canceling microphone was bought through another reduction sale deal that cost only 10 dollars.

I also bought another external mouse (this one was really cute as you can wind-up the cord around the mouse and pack it nicely) for the new laptop. The sad part (or the amazing part?) is that I do not see an immediate end to this gadget shopping spree as my wish list is getting longer day by day. Things like Digital SLR Camera, More memory cards, USB Flash drives etc should be bought for sure when these people are selling them with great deals… right?


  1. hahahahaha.... it's 'only' a bye-product of habitat evolution from India to US... don't u worry!
    nice lap anyway... but de fact amuses me quite a lot, why desi guys are behind DELL? I've seen (heard) atleast one with each of them... is DELL in US like de reliable & economic Maruti 800 for a lower middle class in India?

  2. Dell is popular here not just with Desis. It has the 'reliable and economic' tag and a very good customer service. Most of the company laptops here are also Dell.

  3. hmmm... no wonder they're cornered by the business politics of Indian market!!!