Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanks Giving and Commerce Visit

I didn't know much about Thanks Giving Day. All I knew was that it is a two day holiday time just before the weekend, making it a 4 day long weekend. I also knew that Turkey (the bird, not the country!) has something to do with it.

I didn't bother much to learn more about it, when I realized that my project deadlines fall near those days and I will have to work (at least from home) instead of going out to see a new place.
There was a Thanks Giving Lunch party at office on Wednesday, before everyone left for holidays. And I enjoyed the meal, especially Turkey!

The term "Black Friday" was totally new to me. Here in US, the Friday after Thanks Giving, is celebrated by merchants as "Black Friday" with sales prices hitting rock bottom. My colleague here educated me well to make me understand that this is the time to buy any stuff that I wanted to buy. All shops had special deals, but I was told that people start queuing up in front of the shop doors as early as possible (and even from midnight the day before), to make sure that they grab the limited number of low priced deal items when the shops are open. I spent quite a lot of time going through the ads in web sites and news papers, but didn’t find anything really worth. They had laptops for 300 dollars, but the configuration was too low for me to buy.

As expected, I had work to do during those four consecutive holidays. But also found time to visit my friend Sreeku at his university town Commerce. The Texas A & M University campus was set in front of a small but beautiful lake. It was interesting to see an American University for the first time. And Sreeku cooked tasty Kerala meal with all side dishes to make our Thanks Giving Day a special one.


  1. hmmm... nice to know dat u still haven't left de habit of starin' at camera... i've an exclusive folder named after it.... & all de snaps r of u & kullan mash... but u haven't mentioned who did u 'give thanks' to dat day :)

  2. staring at camera! he he he.... I remember seeing that section in Mess and Fun

    But remember, there are people in this world who wanted to know how I look these days... ;)