Sunday, November 05, 2006

Cooking started...

Sandwiches, burgers and mashed potatoes…. They are no more my favorites... All I wanted was some plain rice and pickle. So I started cooking after getting all the required utensils and grocery from Walmart.

It’s always fun to note down the first cooking in a new place… I cooked rice, my usual curry with tomatoes and onions and scrambled egg. Thanks to the rice cooker, the rice got cooked perfect. As a precaution (in case if cooking becomes a flop), I had some fruits also ready with me.

But… cooking alone is not at all interesting…:(


  1. Justine could be of great help in cooking. He's a master chef in making desi favs like 1 Cup Coffee with 2 Cups of Milk, 1 L Hot Water with 5 L Plain Water etc.. However, Steamed Rava Balls remain his all time best. Once you get a taste of those, u'll never forget in life. And trying his dishes will make you understand the importance of learning to cook self in life