Wednesday, November 01, 2006

A place to call home

The first major step in settling down here is getting an apartment. It was difficult to get an apartment for rent without SSN and Credit History (even I wondered what it was… and still not sure what exactly it is… but know that one need to have a good history of paying bills in time and spending a lot of money in US, to get any financial deals here).

Here every search starts from net, and I short listed few apartments from For a single bed room, the rent varied from 475 to 800 per month. When I was about to settle on one, a colleague suggested to see few apartments in the famous Las Colinas area of Irving region.

I immediately fell in love with that place. There was a long creek surrounded by lush green lawn with a small jogging trail around it. The sight of lots of swans and ducks in the creek and people taking a stroll through this beautiful place was surely relaxing. The name of this place was Jefferson Park, but desi (Indian) people call it as Gandhi Park as there were a lot of Indians living around this area. The road named ‘Meadow Creek Drive’ surrounded this creek and there were many apartment complexes around this road. After visiting a few I settled for Summer Bends.

I had to pay one month rent as deposit (yeah… just one month) and got a nice one bed room apartment. There was a move-in special deal too, which required only half month rent for the first month.

I got an apartment at ground floor (Here they call it as first floor) of a 3 story mostly wooden made building… there are 11 more apartments in that building… wonder who all will be my neighbors…

So I ended my hotel room stays and moved into the new apartment. The good thing was that the kitchen already had essential equipments like microwave oven, refrigerator, etc. But the bad thing was that there was no furniture at all. A quick shopping from Walmart was enough to start with the basics. After all I was very happy that I had an address of my own and a place to call home.

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