Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Great SSN

After waiting for more than 20 days, I got the message from my colleague that my Social Security Number (SSN) card has arrived at his address. Well... As I had mentioned earlier, here in US we need to have the SSN to do anything, be it taking license or getting a cable TV connection.

I didn't wait for long and started to my colleague's place which was more than 25 miles away from my place. For the first time, I am going to drive that long, without anyone for assistance. Took the printouts of the routes from Google Maps, studied the route well, and started the ride on the highways. Being there the first time, I was concentrating very hard on driving and took much care while changing lanes. There were some huge ramps to change highways and they were really scary! It was semi circular in shape... huge fly over like structures... and while driving down it, I felt as if I was descending in a giant wheel.

Everything was fine. I reached safely at destination and back to my place. Got my SSN Card. And this much awaited card was just a small piece of paper with the 9 digit number printed on it!


  1. i would name dat ur first highway drive there dan SSN... yeah.... have heard quite a lot of craps abt de SSN from guys who've been there :))) it is a wonderful system, isn't it?

  2. hehehe..... can't stop laughin' imaginin' u focusing so much, sittin' so close to the steering, luking at all sides with anxiety & slowly pushin' ur vehicle through... hahahaha.. nice.. i wish i could get a snap of dat too... (at least pretend as if u r recreatin' dat & send it across, like they do in NGC... hahaha)
    (how could de varies miss this one?????)