Saturday, November 04, 2006

Run… network marketing is here too…

I met this desi guy in front of a Desi Super Market. He started the conversation and soon was very friendly. Knowing that I just landed in US he invited to visit his place, to meet more desi guys. I did sense something strange in this immediate invitation, and postponed the visit to another time and gave my phone number.

Then I met another gentleman. He was so helpful and realized my problems of being alone here with settling activities. He also invited me to his friends place saying that I can meet more desi guys including people from Kerala. That was a good bait. I accepted the offer and when the day came, he started talking something about a business. So my guess was right. He said, people there will talk about some business that might not make any sense to me, but we can meet up his friends including Kerala guys after that. I agreed and joined him and ended up in an apartment on a Friday evening where there were a lot of people attending a meeting.

One guy was talking about a product that will make our body shine like the cars that was polished with wax. Wow! Then a lady came and talked about a shampoo and went into such details of hair that even I haven’t studied in any biology classes. She explained how this shampoo helped her overcome all her hair care issues. There were a lot of talks and demos including one from my friend!

I waited till the end of the show to see if indeed there are some Malayalis. There were two but both hardly spoke Malayalam as they were brought up outside Kerala. And everyone in that room was talking just about this business of making more money as a part time associate selling these products and adding more members.

I told my newly met friend that I am not at all interested in this and my tastes are totally different. He did understand that and I am sure, he will continue as a good friend without ever requiring me to join that network marketing business.

The next day, I got the call from the first guy I met. He asked when I will be free to meet more friends of him. I explained the above incident and said I am not at all interested.

So, run… this network marketing is everywhere!

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